Biennale Architettura 2021
How will we live together?

Tracing Transitions

2016  Tracing Transitions

Habitation, the shortage of living space, and the creation of socially sustainable housing are the critical issues of our times – the fronts where a battle is worthwhile. The exhibition “Tracing Transitions” documents the current situation in Luxembourg through a spatial installation. It serves as a kind of screen in order to present subjects concerning the creation of housing, the geographical ramifications of problems, and possible approaches to solutions. We will show new concepts, upcoming ideas, and projects which promote a change in this important debate. Layers of information are used to illustrate the current reality and to discuss the possibilities of influencing this reality in a favourable manner.

Its geographical location and economic development, the competitive housing and high-priced property market, population growth and demographic change make Luxembourg a complex and adversarial area of tension. The situation is characterized through unsustainable building developments, unused property resources, and dormitory suburbs at the border that generate a massive volume of traffic by commuting residents. “Tracing Transitions” tracks these phenomena in the sense of a modern urban “archaeology” in order to generate a spatial assemblage. In this way, the visitors to the exhibition will get in touch with the problem areas while the presentation of progressive approaches to the housing debate offers the possibility of a better future.

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