Biennale Architettura 2021
How will we live together?


For its first exhibition at the Arsenale and unlike in previous years, the organiser LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture decided, in agreement with the commissioner, the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, to not launch an open call for projects, but to rather take over the conception and production of the exhibition itself. In order to highlight the  country’s competences in architectural research and the Baukultur, LUCA chose the Master
in Architecture of the University of Luxembourg as its curating partner.

The curators Florian Hertweck (Master in Architecture / University of Luxembourg) and Andrea Rumpf (LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture). © LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture / Alberto Sinigaglia – OpFot

Master in Architecture, European Urbanisation, and Globalisation / University of Luxembourg

The new Master’s programme of the University of Luxembourg investigates the impact of globalisation on urbanisation and architecture. Architecture is seen as a dynamic discipline that constantly has to anticipate social, political, cultural, environmental and technological changes. So while the curriculum focusses on the design studio, this will be embedded in an interdisciplinary environment encompassing complementary fields such as political economy, GIS, sustainable transport planning, regional economics and urban governance, all of which are vital in understanding our globalised society. Students are introduced to tools that enable them to analyse the main challenges of our contemporary and very dynamic world, and learn how to develop architectural and urbanistic concepts in response to these challenges. The Master’s programme recently published « Positions on Emancipation. Architecture between Aesthetics and Politics » (Lars Müller Publishers) and « Liquid Empire. How migration might change Europe » (University of Luxembourg).

Florian Hertweck, professor, course director
Carole Schmit, guest professor
Nikos Katsikis, postdoctoral fellow
Ivonne Weichold, assistant, PhD candidate
Marielle Ferreira Silva, assistant, PhD candidate
Sara Volterrani, study programme coordinator

LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture

The LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture is the country’s leading cultural institution for the dissemination of knowledge on the value of architecture and urban development.

Since its inception in 1992 as the “Foundation for Architecture and Engineering”, the non-governmental, non-profit making organisation promotes the notion of quality of the urban environment as a crucial value of today’s society. As a platform for exchange and action for the general public, ranging from the interested enthusiast and the committed citizen to the political decision maker and professional player, LUCA organises a broad cultural programme that reflects the diversity of its public: series of conferences and debates, temporary exhibitions, guided tours, educational workshops, the Luxembourg Architectural Award, the pavilion of the International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, etc. Its publications, its archives and its library of architecture containing nearly 8000 early and recent titles offer research materials and documentation tools.

LUCA and its professional team work with many experts and partners and is, in this way, consolidating its place at the heart of the debate, looking to the future while reflecting the past and discussing the present of our built environment.

Professional team:
Andrea Rumpf, director
Stéphanie Baustert, communication assistant
Virginie Dellenbach, library and archive assistant
Bastien Fréard, programme and production assistant
Lili Krack, administrative assistant
Thomas Miller, programme assistant

Board of Administration:
Nico Steinmetz, chairman, architect
Tatiana Fabeck, vice-chairman, architect
Mathias Fritsch, treasurer, architect
Beryl Bruck, councillor of the government
Jos Dell, architect
Marc Ewen, engineer
Markus Hesse, professor at the University of Luxembourg
Nathalie Jacoby, interior architect
Pascale Kauffman, communication strategist
Norry Schneider, Transition Luxembourg/CELL coordinator

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (OAI), LUCA remains predominantly funded by private means. Thus, the partners are of valuable assistance to LUCA and its projects.